Monday, September 16, 2013

Fundraising made easier... 2.0 platform

Operational Partnership:
This post is intended to provide some instruction on our next steps to make a seemless, simple, and effective fund raising partner for your school or civic group.

First of all we have gone through some major overhauls in our "operating systems" since our original web site build out from days past.   The original site was "cute" but not necessarily the most effective platform.  Let's fast forward to 2013 and looking at our operational parternship with Amazon.

Amazon has millions of customers who visit and shop on line every day.  It is a name that customers know and trust which has been proven by their phenominal growth.  Why not align your self with the most trusted and proven e commerce platform in the history of.... history? 

Enter the partnership and the platform.

How does it work? 

Simple   You organize your group and direct them to the webstore.   Your group membership can shop on line in our Amazon storefront 24 X 7 any time or day.

 Easy   Upon check out simply include your organizations name after your own name.   Our system tracks orders that come in from your group each week and credits your group for each order placed by your membership.  

Effective   Each month our system will automatically update and send a percentage of profits to your organization.

Our new process has no forms to fill out, no complicated registration, no cost or set up fee's.  It is in effect...  a greening of the greenfundraiserstore!

For more information on our brief history and work visit:

We are adding new products each month so be sure to check in for new updates.

Best Regards,

Don Sherman
President of

*Disclaimer- Only products located within the Amazon store front are eligible for a shared percentage of proceeds.  Amazon is not responsible for nor is a participant in fund raising activites of or it's affiliated companies.