Thursday, August 22, 2013

Winding up Summer of 2013....

They say time fly's when your having fun. We must be having a real blast because summer has made a late appearance in 2013 and like Ernie Harwell used to say as the voice of the Detroit Tiger's.... "It's long.... Gone...".

This is a good time of year to get ready for the fall projects that you may have put off during summer and will come ready or not. Check out our Amazon store for some of our most popular tried and true home helpers.

If your like me you pick up a bundle of lawn and leaf bags here and there when your around town. Why not have us ship you the mother load with a bundle of 50 bags? It will cover you for the big leaf fall and perhaps a few left over for spring clean up. I know this looks like a giant lunch bag... but it is actually a standard 16 X 25X 35 50 pound unprinted biodegradable lawn/leaf bag.

Hey... look up... better yet... look down.... Wow you better get ready to grab a rake and get busy! The big box store tries to impress you with their impulse crate of 3 or 5 bags... but let's face it... do you really want to promote "Stuff Mart" at your curb? Do you overflow with pride when you drag their bag to your curb. I didn't think so. GO BIG or GO HOME with the greenfundraiserstore fall special bundle of 50... that's right... a few left over for spring cleaning next year... AND your buying from a company with a B corp plan of action. That means that a stated percentage of our proceeds goes toward a stated social mission of "Education, Awareness, and Advocacy for Green Shift's in the course of daily living.

Good news... we just received notice that has been recognized as one of the 101 Best and Brightest Sustainable Companies for 2013. We are happy to accept this honor for a second year in a row. We are happy to receive the award and will continue with our mission of promoting "Green Shifts" in the course of daily living!