Monday, October 15, 2012

Green Halloween....

Now that the leaves are officially piling up it can only mean one thing... Fall has fallen!   In my last message we focused on our lawn and leave solutions that make the big box store look like the tiny tin box.  Our bundle of 50 lawn and leaf bags made from recycled paper content will get the job done with room to spare.  One thing I wanted to share on this topic for you out there looking for a fall or harvest themed activity... How about a bundle of bags to be decorated by your group with stampers made from pumpkins, gourds,  and corn.  Roll the corn into water based paint and carve out fall shapes from the pumpkins to create stamps that are function AND biodegradable/compostable when your done using them.

Our bags come with no company imprint or advertising for a clean canvas for your fall art projects.  Then... package them with garden twine in small packs of 3 or 5 for a take home gift for the family or neighbor.  OR... perhaps sell them for $5 a bundle for an easy fall fund raiser for your group.  

NOW... We turn to preparing for Halloween and that always means more candy than we know what to do with.  Do something different and bold for Halloween 2012 with our "Green Halloween" alternatives.

Kids love tattoos and our non toxic soy based tats are just the answer.  OR try our eco friendly Halloween themed pencil erasers.

Top reason's why kids love Green Halloween??

The kids will love these cute and spooky pumpkin temporary tattoos! Made with FDA compliant non-toxic inks. Sold in packs of fifty (50).
Kids sharpen by turning the crayon in the small plastic cone. There are NO metal blade and it's too big to swallow (passes industry standard choke-tube test. Features the GreenHalloween® logo sticker ...
Sold in packs of twenty (20) boxes.  Three crayons per box (red, yellow, and blue). Box displays the Happy Hallogreen® message. "Good for People, Good for the Planet, Good for the Community!"   ...
Combine with our Green Halloween® soy bean crayons for the ultimate holiday kid pack!  ...
One for the house and one for the office! Let 'em know you're celebrating in a Healthy, Eco-Friendly way! The back side contains tips for "thinking green" on Halloween.  ...
Traditional costumes are old hat. Grab some of our soy bean crayons and let your kids go wild designing their own monster mash masks! Made from 100% recycled paperboard and printed on with soy ink.  ...
Wear 'em on your sweater, put em on your correspondence, stick em on bags of homemade healthy goodies. Raise awareness of Green Halloween®. 2" circle.  ...
 Green Halloween is a community movement towards a healthier and more eco-friendly holiday.  ...

Good "Green" Fun!  

Order's placed this week through mid next week guaranteed delivery by Halloween Day!   

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Green Fundraiser Store - Lawn and Leaf Paper Bag No print

They say time fly's when your having fun.  We must be having a real blast because summer has made a late appearance in 2013 and like Ernie Harwell used to say as the voice of the Detroit Tiger's.... "It's long.... Gone...".

This is a good time of year to get ready for the fall projects that you may have put off during summer and will come ready or not.  Check out our Amazon store for some of our most popular tried and true home helpers.  

If your like me you pick up a bundle of lawn and leaf bags here and there when your around town.  Why not have us ship you the mother load with a bundle of 50 bags?  It will cover you for the big leaf fall and perhaps a few left over for spring clean up.  I know this looks like a giant lunch bag... but it is actually a standard 16 X 25X 35 50 pound unprinted biodegradable lawn/leaf bag.

Hey... look up... better yet... look down.... Wow you better get ready to grab a rake and get busy!  The big box store tries to impress you with their impulse crate of 3 or 5 bags... but let's face it... do you really want to promote "Stuff Mart" at your curb?  Do you overflow with pride when you drag their bag to your curb.  I didn't think so.  GO BIG or GO HOME with the greenfundraiserstore fall special bundle of 50... that's right... a few left over for spring cleaning next year... AND your buying from a company with a B corp plan of action.  That means that a stated percentage of our proceeds goes toward a stated social mission of  "Education, Awareness, and Advocacy for Green Shift's in the course of daily living.

Good news... we  just received notice that has been recognized as one of the 101 Best and Brightest Sustainable Companies for 2013.  We are happy to accept this honor for a second year in a row.  We are happy to receive the award and will continue with our mission of promoting "Green Shifts" in the course of daily living! 

Wednesday, October 3, 2012

They say that if you stand still for too long.... the grass will grow under your feet.  To that point... change is inevitable and I think a very exciting concept.   This month we are moving into the next steps of the development of the movement.    It is a new green offshoot that has been under construction since the very beginning.   Introducing to you.... "The Little Green Store..."

From day one in the development of the GFS I struggled with the decision of whether to be a "green product store" that does some great things in the way of "green shift" product offerings...


to be a green product fund raising company  focused on education, awareness, and advocacy for "green shifts" in the course of daily living and unique fund raising.   Those of you who have followed us know that we went with the model of  fund raising first model.

Today we now feel as though we can offer the best of both worlds in that those who simply want to purchase our products can do so by visiting the web page and shopping on line at and clicking SHOP NOW  


for those who enjoy the Amazon shopping experience you can shop with a more limited offering at


You can walk in the door of  The Little Green Store and see, touch, smell, taste many of the products you've seen on our web site from the beginning.

In fact... one of the new features that we rolled out in the spring of 2012 are the educational offerings we can do at your school, church, business, or any group who wants to engage in our "Shift into Green...." education sessions.  By clicking on the link below.... as they used to say on Hawaii Five-O.... "Book it Dan-no..." .

Rather get out of your space and come see us?  No problem as we aim to please.  Bring your class to our "Little Green Store"  and learn on site about how to "Shift into Green....".   Our programs are fee based and intended for groups in the store to under 30 participants.   At this time we are accepting reservations through the same link as above.... with remarks to indicate "Store visit" .

I can tell you that just a visit to the store will tell a unique story about "Going Green..." since there really was not much at all about this space that was green when we got a hold of it in 2006.  There is so much to talk about in the changes and development of this project... but I will save the details for later.

We have not yet officially "opened" since I have been working on the final touches throughout the summer. Each day we are getting closer and will soon make an announcement to provide hours of operation.   Make plans to "walk through the door... of The Little Green Store..." located at 94 S Washington, Oxford, Michigan.

We are 10 miles north of the Palace of Auburn Hills if your coming from Detroit or northern suburbs.   Take the Lapeer Road Exit on I-75 and head north on Lapeer road which is also known as M 24 or Washington Street once you enter into the Village of Oxford.  Use the map on the right to locate us.... ;)  We are kind of easy to spot... since we are the only place I know of that has a compost tumbler and rain barrel on the front porch placed with family of scare crows.  Got that?  ;)

Last thing... get engaged now with our Fall fund Raising campaign by down loading the latest version of the on line brochure.   Printed fund raising forms will be available at the end of the month.

In the mean time.... the leaves are falling and for what ever reason we feel the need to chase every last one down and put it in some type of get yours now... we sell them by the bundle of 50.  Great time to buy in bulk... do a class project of decorating the bags in Halloween or fall themes and then hit the streets as a unique fall fund raiser item.  Bundle 3 decorated bags with natural twine... sell to family , friends, neighbors and.... just like that... your truly making the most... of your compost!

Last... Last thing.... Green Halloween items... order now by October 15th for guarenteed delivery by Halloween.

Happy Fall!

See you Soon!

Don Sherman
President and Founder of AND  "The Little Green Store..."