Wednesday, December 8, 2010

"Wally Bronner (Christmas Always)" by The Hard Lessons / Annual Christma...

These guys really put out the jams.... and that means something even more if you get to Zenders or the Bavarian Inn. Yes... jam... as in the preserves that are presented to you... under the bubble dish (back in the day...) at the world famous cross the street family/friendly rivals. But... the real question for those of you who know of this magic town of Frankenmuth is.... which do you prefer to dine at?

This is a pretty serious decision that in many cases... well... can be down right family struggle. You see... when I was a child.... my family preferred the Bavarian style feel of old Germany at... The Bavarian Inn. It was just what we did. Never really set foot in Zenders. Not sure why? It was what the Sherman's did.

Fast forward to life of Don.. married with children. When our family made its first visit to Frankenmuth early on in the simple easy years it became known that... well... there was going to be a little problem. You see... just as the Sherman family had visited Frankenmuth over the years... so had Lisa's family... the Mertens. And... just as we were committed to the Bavarian Inn... so were the Mertens... to Zender's! No problem... were all adults... right? HELL NO its not right!

I'm not suggesting this is as serious of an issue for some as for us... but just like some people go into marriage with a "prenuptial agreement" I am going to suggest that all couples should discuss not only their political points of view, religious affiliations, decisions about children, and career aspirations.... and don't leave out the discussion of Zenders or the Barvarian Inn.

Trust me... from experience... you might as well get this out on the table... up front. No sense in keeping this information "buried" deep within only to be dragged to the surface years later.... after...perhaps.... it is too late. Speaking from experience... it's just one of those discussions YOUR NOT TRAINED TO HANDLE. As Jack Nickolson' s famous line goes "YOU CAN"T HANDLE THE TRUTH.... " about what can come from this unspoken issue.

In all fun... it is truly amazing the history and memories from the visits over the years to this "build it.. and they will come..." town. As a mature adult nearing middle age now... I can tell you without hesitation that I now can cross over the street from what was once our family tradition in my youth and enjoy a family dinner at.... Zenders. ( Now... for a little secret... I usually have to excuse myself at some point to the men's room... and become so violently Ill... well... Let's not get into the details... not a pretty picture. But... I do get my value out of the all you can each chicken dinner!