Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Earth Week 2014

You'll notice by this months title that after careful consideration it has been determined that drawing attention to the condition and care of the earth for just one day isn't cutting it.   As such.... we begin the movement toward "Earth Week" 2014.    I find it interesting that like any other action in life that we focus on for a short term (day) that it is soon forgotten if not the very next day.   Therefore... the push for a week... to keep the ball moving or to push the needle on the meter just a little longer we have Earth Week.  Maybe next year we'll go for Earth month?

How is April 2014 finding you?  Remember... it seems like a distant memory now... the lovely spring of 2012... the winter that wasn't?   Mother nature showed off her display so early that there were no tulips for the tulip festival.  They had done their thing to soon... fooled out of the cover of the earth by mild temperatures.   I remember thinking then... well... if this is what global warming is about... then what is the harm in mild winters?   Gone are the days of the bitter cold, snow, and all that comes with it.  Wrong again! 

I don't want to spend much time talking about the return of "real winter".   I know we are still very sensitive to the subject.  In fact this morning we woke to find an additional 3 inches of snow that put us over the record for snow fall in the Detroit Michigan area going back as far as records are kept.  I think the record was set in the late 1890's.  Now we can say "Woohoo... we won... we set the record".
Not really the one I was hoping to be part of!

So the debate rages on about this controversial issue and the two camps are more divided then ever over the issue of "global warming".  One side says... it's  a cycle and human activity has little or nothing to do with it at all.  While the other side show's facts and statistics about carbon emmisions from the industrialization of the world in the past 100 years and sounds a warning alarm.

I find myself kind of caught up in the middle of two camps... almost like political parties that cannot agree.  As time goes on I have gravitated toward a place of putting the "global warming" label aside for one that I believe is more accurate and difficult to contradict.  Is there anyone who has not been effected by the mood swings of Mother Earth?   Like a person experiencing mid life changes our Mother Earth seems to be going through "The Change".   I guess the term in the main stream is climate change.

This week in our own region in South Eastern Michigan we went from a slow creep out of winter.  Finally seeing the mounds of snow piled up at last recede into the ground.  I have never seen people more enthusiastic about getting out of the house and into cleaning up around the yard.   The spell was broken and we could not be held back.   Shorts and flip flops replaced flannel and boots.  Then with almost no warning.... we witnessed something we never see much around here in early April.  A front passed over and bringing with it hail, wind, and rain like we have never seen in our lifetime.  It left most of us amazed and dazed.  It left others with power outages,  tree's uprooted, and property damaged.    And just when we thought it was all behind us... our temperamental Mother dropped the temps and some more snow.

I want to thank the hundreds of customers who have supported our efforts and given solid footing and a new direction in leading the green ecommerce marketplace.  Our goal is to provide high quaility green product offerings at a resonable price backed up with convenient to the door shipping all done through an effective e commerc platform.  At this time we have built a strong relationship with the millions of customers who click on the premier platform of   They have responsed in kind by asking for our products to be delivered to their doors throughout the United States.   Specifically we have a strong following on the west coast and are pleased that those in the hot-beds of green living are choosing us as their provider of choice.  We also get a strong audience on the east coast as well. 

Our battery buckets have made it into the Philidelphia Museum of Art.

And into the award-winning industrial design and branding firm
Fuseproject in San Franciso.

And in Quora, Inc. which was founded by two former Facebook employees.  They are located in Mountain View California.  They are a question and answer website where questions are created, answered, edited and organized by its community of users

 Am I banging the drum?? Hey... why not... it is better than reading about your obituary.          

On the fund raising side of the company we have been able to provide contributions of cash, donations of goods and contributions of time to many local organizations.  This past year we were able to provide a financial contribtution for the victims of typhoon Yolanda (Haiyan) in the Visayas regions of the Philippines.  Climate change?  Maybe?

We were able to provide a contribution to a very active climate change group in Interfaith Power and Light.

On a local level we continue to reach out to Michigan Green Schools and plan to continue to provide our ability to engage in alternative fund raising for those who are ready to engage.

Last but certainly not least... I want to thank our product partners for providing high quality, unique green products not found in the big box store.  I hope it stays that way.

Soy Clean Products-  Brooklyn, IA

Wash Safe Industries - Harwich, MA

Busch Systems-  Barrie, Ontario, Canada

BioBag USA-  Palm Harbor, FL

Trellis Earth-  Wilsonville, OR

Mirror Lake Organics-  Almont, MI

Cherry Republic-  Glenn Arbor, MI

Maxi Container-  Romulus-  MI

Higher Grounds Trading Company- Traverse City, MI

Eco Bag- Ossining, NY

Without innovative and creative thinking minds who bring us these offerings of green and health alternatives to our course of daily living... we'd just take what were given from the big boxes like "Stuff Mart".

Happy Earth Week... take some time this week to pay special attention to our beautiful garden gift in Mother Earth.... ;)