Thursday, September 5, 2013

2013 Best and Brightest Sustainable Companies in Michigan

Press Release:  September 6th, 2013

Today we received notification that was again selected as one of the
101 Best And Brightest Sustainable Companies in Michigan for 2013.   The awards will be presented at a symposium scheduled for September 18th, 2013 at Davenport University in Grand Rapids, Michigan.   Michigan Govenor Rick Snyder will be in attendance to honor the recipients.

The selection criteria is based on an assesment completed  earlier this year which was judged scored by an indepedent research organizaion.   Area's of assesment include:

Education. The level of education provided to employees on sustainable practices along with industry best practices.

Communication.  The extent of outreach in reporting our results of sustainable business efforts to employees, customers, suppliers and community.
Strategic Planning & Operantional Implementation.  The depth to which our organization measures all maters of sustainability and the support of senior management for long term viability of the organization.

Innovation & Problem Solving. The extent to which your organization monitors the entire cycle of your company's product(s) or services(s) to determine the impact and needed changes.

Environmental. The extent to which your organization monitors all aspects of the environmental output as a result of your organizations product(s) or servcies(s).

Building & Grounds.  The extent to which your organization has implemented changes to your building and grounds to impove sustainability and lessen consumption and emisisions.

Community Leadership.  The level of community outreach, monitoring of economic impact , and promotion of sustainable practices your organization provides to the community.

Workforce.  The extent of encouragment and support your organization provides employees for participating in sustainable initiatives at the organization and in the community.

Financial Performance.  Your organizations effectiveness in monitoring its sustainable performance and innovation on improving its financial performance.

Our business has evolved since it's inception in 2010 yet the vision of providing education, awareness, and advocay for "Green Shifts' in the course of daily living remains firmily at the core of the organization. 

Thank you for your kind words of encouragment and support as we continue on this journey.


Don Sherman
President of

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