Thursday, December 5, 2013

Twas the night before Christmas.... Amazon Drone delivery.... right down the chimney?

It must be the future as we are on the cusp of closing out 2013.   This year as we close out the year I can't help but to think about the science fiction we used to only dream of in comic books and movies.   Who remembers the Dick Tracy comic?  The squared off jaw and squintey eyed Tracy used to talk into his futuristic wrist watch and fly around in a rocket powered trash can.  Never a chance this will become reality?  Think again.   By know we have all seen the Samsung watch.  Looks suspiciously like the Dick Tracy special.  I wonder if there will be a law suit over this?
How about the flying trash can?  Well from some of the YouTube Videos I've seen that is not far off.  How about the water jet powered boots you can slap on... attached by a tether and fly around like Iron Man or Wonder Women? 

No doubt technology is passing many of us by faster than a high speed bullet train.  This year has been one of great hope, progress, setback, disaster, growth/destruction, life/death.  A mixed bag for sure.  As you wade through the list of things yet to do in 2013 try and contemplate the blessings we have as a  nation.  Just a short few years ago we were flat on our backs as a country with massive bankruptcies from institutional titans who were not to big to fail.  Today many have made adjustments to the "new realities" and perhaps it is for the better.

All that aside I want to take this time to say "Thank You" to all who have helped us stay on the mission of growing from a seed that has begun to take root.  If you visited with us at an event or clicked on our store site this thanks you is for.  We certainly are in a different place today then when things got started in April 2011.   Not as much running from event to event.  Not as many hours trying to tweak the plan.

The e commerce store has taken hold across the country and I cannot think of a better operational partner than Amazon for the platform.   One of my favorite things to do is tell people about "who" from "where" has selected "what".   Truth be told I think of this as what Ernie Harwell used to in the golden days when he would announce "That ball was caught by a man from Kalamazoo, Michigan...".  How'd he know that?   Did he really know the man was from Kalamazoo?   What I find interesting is places I've never heard of like Arkadelphia, Arkansas or Sunnyvale California.  I have visited Sunnyvale and will likely return but have not yet visited Arkadelphia.

So in the theme of the celebration of the Christmas season I want to take you to a new reality for the legendary St. Nicholas. Imagine the new stories to be written about the trials and tribulation in the near future when the sleigh and reindeer have to share the air space with the delivery drones from Amazon.  How shocking this will be to Santa and how reindeer will be startled! If you haven't heard this story that broke last week on a CBS interview with the Amazon founder, Jeff Bezos Amazon is piloting the use of drones to deliver packages right to the door step.  Science fiction?  Maybe... just like the Dick Tracey watch!

What ever happened to "Down the Chimney with Old St. Nick.  Santa may be replaced or perhaps develope his own fleet of smart drones for delivey right down the Chimney?   Only time will tell... but one thing is clear... get ready for the future.

All the best to you and yours as we turn over the calender to 2014.

Best Regards,

Don Sherman
President of