Saturday, September 17, 2011

Leave are falling all around.... Really...

Hello again!  Autumn is in the air today.  I can feel it, taste it,  and soon I will be busy chasing after what fall does...."fall".   Got leaves?  I do to and each year we begin our annual fall clean up here in beautiful Oakland Michigan.   Wonder how our forefathers determined the name for our fair hamlet?  I imagine it had something to do with the "land" being covered with "Oak" trees.  Leaves are falling all around...

We really have a great history here in north Oakland County and so much to celebrate.   We are blessed with a great place to:  Live, Work, Play... Shop, Dine, Stay... Great place to bring your family and business... to enjoy our Lakes, Rivers, and Trails...  If you have not seen the new M 24 celebratory tee... you likely will soon.

  I created this as a borrowed idea from the now famous M 22 icon that we see plastered all over the back windows of vehicles throughout the country now.  M 22 is a stretch of highway along the "pinkey finger" on your handy Michigan map (left hand down flat please...) .  Why do people willingly advertise a stretch of highway in northern Michigan?  If I tell you... you have to promise to keep it to yourself!   You see... my fear is that once the cat is out of the bag (what the hell does that mean anyway?) that everyone will want to go there... and change what we love about this place.

What is so special about this place?  I can tell you that there are some of the most beautiful places on earth here.  What?  In Michigan?  What U talking about Willis?   It is true... but you need to keep it to yourself...promise?

When you need to find a peaceful place to reconnect with... well just fill in the blank here... there is nothing better than the clean, fresh water beaches of western Michigan.... and the pinkey has by far the best offering.

In fact... I blogged about the Good Morning America program selecting the Sleeping Bear Dunes National Shoreline as the most beautiful place in America.  This is a special place for so many of us who grew up here in the Mitten since we have such fond memories of great times in this place.  Ever been to the dune walk over looking Big Glen and Little Glen Lakes?  I can remember as a child coming here with my friends by the bus load.  We bounded out of the bus and dropped out shoes at the base and began the assent?  Talk about a great cardio work out?   You think your making progress... your heart is pounding out of your chest... and what you don't realize right away is that with every step you take up and forward... the sand is sliding like it does in the hour glass and your giving back ground with every movement.  Talk about two steps forward... one step back!  But... at last you reach the summit (or so you think) and turn around to take in a breath taking view of the Glenn lakes in the distance.  Pure Michigan!   Do you have the guts, energy, stamina to continue on... because when you turn and look ahead... there is yet another assent to begin.  If your like me naturally you have to get to the next peak to see what lye's ahead....  and for those who can make the 2 mile over the sand dunes...the reward is nothing less than Grand.   The reward comes in the form of a breath taking view out across Lake Michigan AND the amazing 70 degree slope that drops hundreds of feet down to the sandy/rocky/driftwood covered shore. Just listen to the sound of the waves pounding the beach....

Now... the last secret... and then back to my original point... when you visit Sleeping Bear Dunes National Shore line... there are several ways to experience this wonderful place.  For those who are less able to navigate the dunes... there is the Pierce Stocking Scenic Drive.  This is worth the time for all... fit or less fit... take the drive and experience all that this place has to offer.  Once your there... it is a short walk to the platform over look.  For those who are looking for something heart pounding... start the descent... just remember... there is no one there to bring you back to the top other than... you.

OK... now... back to "Oakland" and the M 24 campaign...  We here in north Oakland County are blessed with great beauty and natural places as well.   And... in fact... Lake Orion is a place where the motto is "Where Living is a Vacation..." And... Oxford... well... we just "Celebrate Oxford"... and "Oxford Rocks"... so let's borrow a little from our M 22 friends and enjoy what we have each and every day.

M 24 Tee
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M 24 Tee

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We took a page out of the successful M 22 promotional icon. Yes... the west coast of Michigan is a wonderful place and is celebrated by those who love to travel the scenic Michigan west coast highway. They've got nothing on the towns that are joined by M 24.... after all Lake Orion is "Where living is a vacation" and "Oxford Rocks". We are truly blessed here in our North Oakland county communities and this icon celebrates all that we have to offer. Show your M 24 pride and tell the world that M 24 iconic in it's own ways.mce_markermce_marker

So... if you love where you live... then show it with pride... available in adult sizes to 2X and youth sizes.

Since your probably like me... and soon will have leaves up to your eyeballs... now is the best time to stock up on yard refuse lawn/leaf Kraft bags.  I am constantly picking up a sleeve here and there from the local hardware/ grocery store since... stuff keep on falling pretty much year round in my yard.  I love to compost and have a great system in place for organic matter from my kitchen, lawn, and garden.  However,  during the fall... I reach the critical mass and produce much more than I can handle in my system.  Enter... the Kraft bag!   Don't sell me a stack of 3 or 5... I need volume... get me the Bundle!  That's right... I'm talking bout 50... and bring it!

Lawn and Leaf Paper Bag No print
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Lawn and Leaf Paper Bag No print

Price per Unit (piece): $59.95
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We all use them for yard cleanup.  Fall, spring, summer... you always need a supply.  Why not buy them in a bale of 50 and save?  Plus... your helping to raise funds for your local school or community group.   Two-ply, heavy-duty, kraft paper reduces rips and tears and is environmentally friendly. Self-standing bags are available with or without print. for printing price.

We're pretty sure this will do the job!  Our Kraft bags are slightly different in that they are made with recycled content AND with each purchase you can support your local school, community group or civic organization.

Think of this as "raking in dollars" for your school!  Rack in the green this fall with our Kraft bag fund raiser.  You gotta get them somewhere... why not from the kid next door to support their cause?  Beside... maybe you can strick a deal with that kid and hire them to rack your leaves!

It's time for a change in fund raising... time for something that is healthy, cleaner, greener, AND educational.  Operators are standing by to take your call... 866-752-6626...  ;)