Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Fall Newsletter.....Fall fund raising

From: info@greenfundraiserstore.com
Fall is right around the corner and in fact I just explained to my daughter Amanda that the Autumnal Equinox marks the official transition of the summer season to fall. Yes... you can't take the science teacher out of me and I will take this opportunity to explain this annual transition to "students" through out the world. 
Recall... that the earth is tilted on its access at approximately 23 degrees AND is in continual rotation while we migrate around the sun (according to current accepted theory). It is this unique positioning that creates the continual changes of the season as the direct rays of the sun are concentrated at differing points on the surface of the earth. Fall marks the point and time where the suns rays are directly concentrated at the equator and therefore we move from longer days of warmer sunshine in the northern hemisphere into shorter, cooler days. This phase marks many changes to come in length of day, temperatures, weather patterns, plant growth, and photosynthetic processes. Thus, the leaves begin their annual change in color AND the photosynthetic processes in all plant life begin to slow down leading to the annual fire works display known as Autumn. 
Now... back to the business of Greenfundraiserstore.com.... School is back in session and the summer slumber is over for this year. Football games are back in full swing and our children are being challenged to come back to focus on reading, writing, arithmetic, and more. One thing you should have discovered upon your return to the classroom is that the resources to educate our children with are not what they used to be. Even in just one summer season there have been significant reductions in resources to do what we used to be able to count on in the way of financial resources. I have been saying for several quarters now..."We are not in Kansas anymore...." and to that point we have to be creative and more willing to find or create funding to get the job done. 
Enter Greenfundraiserstore.com ! I created GFS with the sole mission of providing a platform to create education and awareness about small, yet significant shifts we can make in the course of daily living that I call "Green Shifts". These are things we already do each and every day and have already developed habits in the way we do these activities. Our mission is to show alternative options that offer cleaner and greener methods in these activities of daily living. Ultimately its up to you to determine if the outcome is right for you. The next steps are called the action steps that we offer up in the way of unique fund raising opportunities. 
We put the learned material to action through creating the unique fund raising that allows your group to take the message to their family, friends, neighbors, co-workers, and businesses. Think of other fund raising your school or civic group has participated in over the past years? If your family is like mine it probably involved a variety of unhealthy food items such as cookie dough, pizza kids, candy, or pies. There is no learning at all going on with this type of fund raising AND leads to confusing messages that are telling our kids.... go sell this to your family and friends.... at the same time we are reading reports about child hood obesity, sedentary life styles, and predicted diabetes epidemics in our culture. 
Our program offers not only education and awareness... but promotes a healthy message in cleaner and greener options in the course of daily living. We even offer up suggested healthy snack options that promote a more nutritious selection of snack food options for your pantry. We give your group complete control and offer what we call a K.I.S.S. fund raiser (Keep it Simple, Sustainable). There is no better way to give your group "ownership" of their fund raising then through letting them build their own selection of products that they choose from. 
Don't "Fall" into the same old habits and do what your group did last year... just because it was quick and easy. Take a new course of action that provides your group with the benefits of education, awareness, action, and fund raising that makes sense. Our fall programs are available to come to your school or community organization to present to your group. Our 1 hour presentation is a fee based program that will provide your group with an education in topics such as recycling to the next level, composting, house hold hazardous waste disposal, reuse of materials, re-purposing of materials, and healthy life style choices. 
Head to our web site and begin the registration process now. Dates are filling up so don't delay your registration. 
Visit... greenfundraiserstore.com today, click on the "Education" tab, then click on "Book an event" tab. The fee based program has a registration fee of $100 AND can be waived if your group does a fund raising partnership. In other words... we provide a fee based education for those who only want to participate in the learning phase. AND.... for those groups who want to go all the way to the next steps of a fund raiser can have the fee waived through their fund raising commitment.
Thanks for your words of encouragement and support! Don't forget to check out our special "Green Halloween" offerings to make our fall season better than ever! 
Best Regards, 
Don Sherman
President of Greenfundraiserstore.com
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