Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Making some noise...Week of July 4th, 2014

Hey... it's time to celebrate... the best of summer 2014 is upon us!  Happy week of July 4th!   I say it this way since many of you are off for summer vacation and a well deserved break.  We to are looking forward to some time away from work for some fun in the sun.  There are over 514 fireworks displays scheduled in Michigan this year... so says MichiganFireworks.com (see link below).


So to carry the celebration further I'd like to take a moment to report to you that 2014 has turned into a break out year for Greenfundraiserstore.com .   April of 2014 was a record sales month since we changed over to our e commerce platform and partnership with Amazon.com .  This was planned and expected since I have always said our Christmas is in April.  The month we celebrate Earth Day, the arrival of spring (on the calender at least) and Arbor Day.  So naturally with the focus on our Mother Earth we expected our customers to click and shop for "Earth-minded" products.  Our mission has always been and will be to promote education, awareness and advocacy for "Green Shifts" in the course of daily living.  Our product offerings give you that choice over items that you might find in big box stores that are likely not focused on "ecological/healthy" alternatives.    During this time we were able to provide financial assistance to the Michigan Green Schools Awards and Celebration for Oakland County Michigan.   Additionally we supported the event with a display table and prizes for some of the lucky guests.


If the past is any predictor of the future then May and June should have been a calming period for us.  Again... happy to report that May was our best month ever... and then now June has exceeded May. 
All of this is good news since the word is spreading across the country about our unique mission of providing alternatives in the course of daily living and providing a portion of our profits to support green education.  So it is truly a grass roots initiative that our customers are sharing with others and leading to our green shoots of growth.

Another event we were able to provide a donation of goods to was the United States Green Building Council (USGBC) Detroit Chapter Green Schools Committee Art/Coloring Contest.   Students were encouraged to enter their creation and top selections were recognized at a luncheon. 


One final thought for June 2014... get outside... do something different... enjoy the best of what nature provides to us in the summer.   My favorite place to visit is the small Northern Michigan town of Glen Arbor.  This town was recently recognized as the most beautiful place in the United States by Good Morning America.  That kind of recognition can be a double edged sword since the sleepy little town is now being flooded with new adventure seekers looking to see what the news is all about. My favorite little shop has in town is "Cherry Republic".   The founder had a vision to create all things cherry with a list too long to get into in this short venue.  I love the vision so much that we now carry a select sampling of Cherry Republic products in our store.

My favorite so far is the Cherry Salsa which is a winner in my household.  It never stays around long.  My point here is that if you have time... get up their and visit... and if you don't... visit greenfundraiserstore.com for our product offerings and we will deliver it right to your door.  Either way... it will be a treat!

Enjoy summer... !



Don Sherman
President and Founder of Greenfundraiserstore.com