Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Santa's Gone Green....

You may have noticed a subtle change that occurred this past week.  At first it was not so obvious and took a day or two in order to full sink in.  It started with a simple stop for lunch at one of my new favorite diners in  the Village of Oxford.  My daughter Amanda and I had been busy on this day putting the finishing touches on our new brick and mortar location for our green products company when we decided we needed a break for lunch.   Relaxing in the former Star Buck's location recently converted into Lilly's Diner.... we shared a few laughs and talked about the recent movie offerings on the marque at the Oxford Cinema just across the street.   Our waitress promptly greeted us and joined in on the conversation.

Then... it hit me.  Subtle at first and then almost consuming me was the sound of music infiltrating the atmosphere around me.  It was not just any music my friends... but it was the sound of Christmas music.  I looked at my phone to check the date... and confirmed that even though I had just removed the Halloween pumpkins and put them into the compost pile... someone had thrown the switch to Christmas.  It felt out of place and uncomfortable to have this music placed upon us a full three weeks before Thanks Giving.  Then from there I realized that the rest of the world (at least here in metro Detroit) had made the decision to jump the gun to Christmas holiday sales.

The big box stores have made the jump.... the big orange box store has the full display of all types of electric LED lights (going green) and all types of inflatable holiday decorations.   The car dealers are subtly changing their messages... as if Santa is going to deliver a new car to you under a giant red bow.... and the local nursery on the corner has plopped down the giant Santa on their roof and placed a huge lot of natural Christmas Trees on their corner lot.  It is official... the new bench mark is the first week in November.  Black Friday is now the new official national holiday.  Close the post office... close all government offices....  and let's go shopping!        

So it is with that in mind that we enter the fray with this message for you.... Santa has gone Green!

For those of you who may not have heard the news about the new brick and mortar green store... The Little Green Store... we are located at 94 S Washington in the Village of Oxford,  Michigan.   The LGS is a sister company of the Greenfundraiserstore.com and you can see that many of the concepts we have introduced to you over the past two years are now in a place you can come to see, feel, touch, smell, taste.... kick the tires before you buy.   We feel that this completes the circle now by connecting the web store with our first brick and mortar location.   So... keep your eye out for more to come on some VERY UNIQUE green gift idea's for this dash to Christmas.  

As I like to say to my classic rock and blue's friends.... "Santa's got a brand new bag...."  


Come on up and see us as we get the store ready for Christmas 2012... and walk through the door at The Little Green Store!

See you soon!