Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Spring is just around the corner... Make a "Green" fashion statement...

I love my Michigan calender provided to my from my State Farm Agency.  It provides 12 months of wonderful photo's of unique places throughout the state.  Many of them I recognize as iconic symbols such as the Mackinac Bridge, Light House with waves breaking over the break wall in Holland, or my favorite place to rest in the Sleeping Bear Dunes National Shoreline in Glenn Arbor.  The other fun thing is that in bright blue font you will find interesting facts such as March 1st, is the the end of Bobcat Hunting Season in Units A, B, & C.  Now I can assure you that I have no plans to hunt for a Bobcat.  Not this week or last week nor probably never.  But... it is interesting to know that this is important to someone.  This month photo is of the beautiful plunging Ontonagon River.  I've not seen this one in person... but it sure looks worth the trip.  See http://www.caladco.com/ for a peak at the photo options.

As a former public school science teacher I always enjoy the excitement that builds up with the coming of the change of season.  I love to remind my friends and family about coming of the vernal equinox.... better know to the common person as... the arrival of spring.   The reality is that the seasons change when they are good and ready here in Michigan.  Regardless of what the calender says.  One thing that I think all living things really look forward to is the arrival of that extra minute and few seconds each day forward of sunlight.  The migration of the earth on its axis is really amazing and so very accurate and timely.

This month I want to bring your attention to making sure you are properly dressed and detailed for the arrival of spring.  Please take a look at the link below for the latest arrivals in "Green" fashion statements.     

Everything here is certifiable organic and/or recycled materials.  Each shirt has its own distinct style ranging from the Eco Godess to The Kids Good to Be Green Tee. Which one best describes you? 
This month you can get started ahead of schedule for gifts for:  Vernal Equinox (what? you don't exchange gifts?) , Easter, Mother's Day,  March Madness, St. Patricks Day (The original Greenie!) just to name a few.  So... what are you waiting for?  Christmas?

Operators are standing by to take your order at 866-752-6626 or direct order via the web site.  We take Visa, Master Card , and Pay Pal.