Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Chrysler Eminem Super Bowl Commercial - Imported From Detroit

If you watch this commercial and it does not bring goose bumps to your skin... then your either dead, emotionally disabled, or a communist!

Or on the other hand.... perhaps you have not gone through the experience of watching the world beat the living crap out of an old friend who you'd always hoped could get it together.... get up and fight man... don't take that anymore! Don't get me wrong... I have not been down on the ground and beat up as badly as many. I am not from the mean streets as some might call it. In fact I was raised in the Lilly white suburbs of neatly groomed lawns known as Sterling Heights. I was in fact born in Detroit and spend a great deal of time in my youth on the east side border town to the north Detroit know as Harper Woods. The other grandparents lived... well you might have never guessed it... on 8 mile and Van Dyke again bordering the cities northern boundary. I am a second generation son of an auto worker from Chevy Gear and Axle Hamtramck. My dad came came home not smelling like booze or pot... like some in the media want you to perceive all Detroit auto workers are into.

He came home with the penetrating smell of machining oil. He came home dirty, tired, and stressed with the wonder of when the next day off might come... or the next lay off notice. There was nothing constant about his work...except inconsistency. He worked his ass of for the family. Literally going months without a day off to provide us with a better life. He came home with a sling on his arm and a bloody bandage around his hand. A grinding wheel shattered into pieces and a chunk flew into his hand severing the tendons. I remember the surgery to fix it and the crazy get up the Dr. required him to where in the form of a dress hook glued to the tip of this pointer finger and a rubber band attached to a fixture on his wrist. I swear to God... we all ducked when he motioned to pass the salad at the dinner table for fear of being shot at with the taught rubber band keeping his hand from seizing up.

I can go on and on about then.... but it is the now that really galvanized me as a Detroiter. You really haven't lived until you watch your family, friends, and customer base fall like domino's. I like to consider myself a fairly educated and trained professional. But... there are just some things your never really trained to do. Like take a call from a client who wants to know if you can help her determine wheather or not give their home back to the bank? Or friends in the 50's who are still out of work or underemployed.... the new American welfare class of unemployed going on two years consecutive with no irons in the fire. What can you do? What do you do? You do what we've been doing for a long time. You dig in, reach in deep and give more than you thought you had to give.

Yes... things are getting better... and we have learned from the endless trail of mistakes. People in the fair City of Detroit do what they have always done.... when you lose your way... you get back up again.... get up, get up, your gonna shine again. Fitting words from a city that has been on it's knee's.